Recurrent Miscarriages

Institut Marquès, pioneers in the study and treatment of recurrent miscarriages, has developed specific tests which make it possible to diagnose the cause of the miscarriage in the majority of cases and resolve them.

The Embryonic Medicine Unit is a multi-disciplinary service formed by gynaecologists specialized in fertility, andrologists, geneticists, haematologists and biologists specialized in embryology.

It is aimed at diagnosing the treatment of patients who have repeatedly had spontaneous miscarriages or have miscarriaged after fertility treatment.

The Unit has highly advanced resources for diagnosis and treatment which include the most exhaustive genetic analysis of chromosomes (the study of meiosis), spermatozoids and embryos (Pre-implantation genetic test).

It’s important to remember that 60% of recurrent miscarriages are the result of genetic factors..

These miscarriages can be caused by a variety of different factors.

Thanks to advances in assisted reproduction it is now possible to have more thorough information about some of the causes of miscarriage which until now have not been well understood by gynaecologists not specialising in this field.

The classic tests are aimed at ruling out infectious, hormonal, anatomical and immunological causes, but frequently (in about 50% of cases) a definite diagnosis is not achieved and when the patient next becomes pregnant the pregnancy again does not reach full term.

When the patient has had two or more miscarriages and the problem has not been diagnosed and treated, the probability that this will happen again is greatly increased in direct proportion to the number of previous miscarriages.

Nowadays we have other tests which are aimed at the study of the embryo itself and the ability of the woman to accept implantation and for the pregnancy to reach full term.

Often the factors that lead to miscarriage are the same that cause repeated failure of in vitro fertilisation and therefore have to be studied and treated in a similar way.

In addition to the medical problem, the woman who has had a series of miscarriages is faced with a difficult situation emotionally.

As well as the feeling of frustration she has the additional problems of having to tell her family and friends and the fear of it happening again.

The hope of having a child is balanced by the fear of possibly failing again and the woman consequently has to live with a highly uncertain situation and a great deal of anxiety.