Thanks to all donors

It is not possible, this cannot be happening to me… separated and childless, so young and living alone since a long time. Early menopause. I didn’t think about it, I had no time, a rash decision, perhaps, but an accurate one. They donated me eggs and semen. To accept all of this was so difficult, even to accept the embryo in my body a month after implantation had occurred. A horrible pregnancy, an emergency delivery, a post-partum that the newborn baby almost did not overcome, but after all, and although it is the hardest work of your life, I’m a mom, and my child is already 20 months old. I cannot explain the emotion of the transfer, the incertitude while you are waiting, the emotions during those moments, but I can say that it is the most important feeling and nothing else matters, you only want to give love to… your son, because he is your son. Thanks to Dr. Ángel López, I hope to introduce you to my ‘little angel’ one day soon. When I remember, I still feel so touched. Thank you all and thanks to the donors.

(Valencia, August 2013)