Pregnant thanks to egg donation

After six years trying to get pregnant, finally my husband and I are expecting a child thanks to egg donation. We had already tried different methods: an IVF in Denmark and an egg donation in Finland. After looking for information on the Internet and having discussed about it with my doctor, we decided to try one last time in Barcelona.

We went to the Institut Marquès, initially, only with the idea of visiting the clinic and doing some medical tests. The team welcomed us with open arms, they helped us a lot and provided us with first class information. The facilities were bright and comfortable. Our doctor, Dr. Anna Martí, was incredibly friendly and was willing to help us at any time during our stay as well as during the embryo transfer. Throughout the process, both Dr. Martí as well as the rest of the team responded quickly to our questions regarding the medication or any other issues that would arise.

The embryo transfer took place two months after the first visit and it was a very pleasant experience. The whole team that was with us that day was very optimistic and conveyed us their strength but, of course, the greatest joy came two weeks later when we saw the positive pregnancy test. We invite all who are in the same situation to visit this fantastic clinic.

(Copenhagen, February 2014)