Assisted reproduction with identifiable donors

Donantes_conocidosInstitut Marquès offers several alternatives for those patients that need a Donor Artificial Insemination or a Donor In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), depending on whether they want to use anonymous or identifiable donors for their treatment.

In the case of non-anonymous donations, it is up to the patients to choose the bank or, if they prefer it, bring a known donor (for instance, a relative or a friend in this). Furthermore, when the child turns 18 years old, he will be able to obtain all information about the donor. On the other hand, if the donor is anonymous, the physician will choose him/her according to the physical characteristics of the future parents; this way, patients will only be provided with the necessary medical information (physical traits, age and blood group).

Gamete donation in Spain is anonymous. If you wish to use known or non-anonymous donors, patients should go to one of the clinics with which Institut Marqués collaborates.

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Who can benefit from this option?

All women or couples from any country who require donor IVF treatment and who, for different reasons, wish to choose their donor. There are different types of motivation for wanting a non-anonymous donation. For example, the desire to communicate openly to a child that he/she is the result of a donation, knowing that when he will turn 18, he will have the right to find out the identity of the donor, if he wishes so. There are also single women who would like to choose their donor or have a child using the sperm of a friend or a family member.

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How does this process work?

Like with any other assisted reproduction treatment, the first thing to do is to ask for a first consultation so that one of our specialists can evaluate your case and recommend the most appropriate protocol for you, either an Artificial Insemination or an In Vitro Fertilisation. The first visit can be booked at any of our centres: in Spain (Barcelona), UK (London) and Italy (Milan and Roma) or even through Skype.