Assisted Reproduction treatments with egg and sperm donors

Adapting to the legal regulations in Ireland, which no longer allow the use of sperm or eggs from anonymous donors, Institut Marquès offers two options for those patients that need a Donor Artificial Insemination or a Donor In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), depending on whether they want to use anonymous or identifiable/known donors for their treatment.

If you wish to undergo donor egg/sperm treatment with identifiable donors, you can do it at our Irish clinic in Clane.

If you prefer to resort to an anonymous egg or sperm donation, you will have to travel to Barcelona (Spain):

  • In case of a Donor IVF cycle, we offer you a tailor-made solution: “Just for Transfer”, where you will only need to travel to Barcelona for the embryo transfer.
  • In case of an Artificial Insemination, you will need to travel to Barcelona on the insemination day.
  • In the case of Embryo Adoption, the treatment must be carried out at our Barcelona clinic, as the embryos are created from the gametes of anonymous donors.

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