What does an intrauterine insemination cycle entail?

How does a cycle of intrauterine insemination work?

The process has three phases:
Ovarian stimulation
Intrauterine Insemination
Luteal phase support

What is ovarian stimulation?

Is the process of inducing ovarian follicular development and oocyte maturation using medications. During a menstrual cycle, it develops many follicles in each ovary, but when one of them reaches a slightly larger size, that produce a growth inhibition of the others; this treatment develops 1 to 4  matures follicles , depending on the patient´s age  and cycle.

What is a follicle?

It’ s where oocytes (female reproductive cell) develops in the ovary. The evolution of a follicle is during the first phase of menstrual cycle: by microscopic size it grows up around 22 mm, filled with liquid nutrients to the oocyte. At that time, an orifice opens in its wall and the oocyte leaves the follicle. That is ovulation.

How long is ovarian stimulation phase?

Usually 9-14 days. During these days, the patient should receive a subcutaneous injection every day and a nasal spray.

What is the most appropriate medication guideline for each patient?

The guideline is based on: patient´s age, ovarian morphology, hormone analysis, body mass, on the response to previous cycles of stimulation, if there were any, and other experiences.

We find very important to indicate the appropriate medication and dosage to each woman, focus on each case and avoiding standard treatment guidelines. Each patient has unique characteristics.

Our Centre is a pioneer in the use of a combined medication (nasal GnRH analogues and subcutaneous gonadotropins) achieving better results.

What risks does the medication have?

There are many studies on possible diseases and cancer risks by receiving these drugs; however, there is currently no scientific evidence that these drugs are causes of posterior pathology.

If an excessive response occurs, can lead to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, but when indicated doses are respected and all is carried out with medical controls, this is exceptional.

Can the artificial insemination be done without ovarian stimulation?

Yes, but the probability of a pregnancy are inferior. For this reason in our centre we do it only in special cases.

How do these stimulation controls work?

A vaginal ultrasound will observe the number of developing ovarian follicles and their size.

The dose of medication is adapted, and then all the following controls are planned after 1 or 2 days. When follicles have reached a size between 18 to 20 mm diameter, HCG injection is indicated. This hormone induces the last changes of maturity and ovulation.

It’ s important that treatment consequences doesn’t have to interfere with patient everyday life; therefore, we provide to offer a schedule of consultation, where one can book an appointment between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm.

No control analysis are needed; they are requested in very specific situations.