Music enhances In Vitro Fertilisation

At Institut Marquès, we have developed a world pioneer innovation project with the aim to improve the IVF by including music in all our embryo incubators in our assisted reproduction laboratories. Our scientific studies have demonstrated that music micro vibrations produce movements similar to those that fertilised eggs experience in their journey through the fallopian tubes and the uterus; they stir the culture medium, achieving a more homogeneous distribution of nutrients and scattering the waste metabolites.

The use of music represents a significant advance in order to reproduce in our laboratories the natural conditions that embryos would have if they were in the maternal uterus. It is also a key factor of the increase of our success rates, already among the highest in the world.

Furthermore, Institut Marquès’ scientific research about the importance of music at the beginning of life has been awarded at the University of Harvard with the Ig Nobel Prize of Medicine.

Live concerts for our embryos

Our laboratories host performances of great stars of music. The Irish Sharon Corr is one of the international artists that have performed exclusively for our little patients, with the goal of improving their embryonic development.

“It was a very emotional experience. It is great to think that possibly we can be part of the future, that we can make it change. I am so amazed about the whole process and how it works and yet, in a way, I am not surprised that music really helps the embryos to form; this does not surprise me because music is the greatest therapy in the world so I feel very honoured to be asked to do this”, stated the singer and violin player Sharon Corr.

This performance follows the lead of other artists such as the famous Spanish singer-songwriter Antonio Orozco. Institut Marquès plans to offer further live concerts at their laboratories in the coming future.