Quality Certifications

Belonging Institut Marquès Group, Institut Marquès Ireland Ltd (IMI) is licensed to operate by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) – formally the Irish Medicines Board. Institut Marquès have the quality certification based on the international regulation ISO 9001 (see certification) and UNE-179007 quality systems management for assisted reproduction laboratories (see certification).

In order to obtain this certification, we apply the principle of continuous improvement in all processes and treatments offered to our patients. That means that all our services are controlled and checked constantly by our Quality Department, with multiple internal and external indicators that evaluate, throughout the year, the level of care provided to our patients from the very start until after the pregnancy. This way we keep, day after day, our promise on excellence.

The high standards of care in IMI are maintained through continuous monitoring and assessment of our practice using an established Quality Management System and through the provision of the most up to date Assisted Reproduction Scientific techniques and equipment available. All our clinical staff are experts in their field of knowledge.

Also, introduced its electronic witnessing traceability system in 2009 and has been using it successfully since. Electronic witnessing offers an even greater level of assurance to our patients than manual witnessing alone. When an embryo, egg or sperm sample is processed in the lab, all processe are witnessed, both electronically and manually, giving patients a greater sense of reassurance.

Quality controlLaboratoryOrganizationYear
ExternalAndrology LabUKNEQAS2019/2020
ExternalEmbryology LabASEBIR2016