Observe your embryos from home

The Embryomobile is an innovative application developed by Institut Marquès that allows patients to watch the evolution of their embryos in the embryoscope, in real time, all day, using their smart phone.

The Embryomobile is an application that enables expectant parents to “come” into the IVF laboratory and watch their embryos live from home or anywhere else, with full transparency and as they do embryologists themselves, from the moment of fertilisation until they are transferred into the mother’s womb five days later. Patients can see their embryos in real time from home or any other location, and they can see the same as the embryologists.

Parents get more directly involved during the treatment and this reduces their stress levels.

Once the fertility treatment has started, two of the most stressful moments appear during the fertilisation and evolution of the embryo in the laboratory and also after the transfer, while waiting to know the result of the pregnancy test (The Two Week Wait). To reduce the anxiety of all patients during both these periods of time, at Institut Marquès we have developed the Embryomobile. More than 3.000 patients have used this innovative system.

A survey carried out by Institut Marquès and presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction Congress (ESHRE) reveals that, for most patients, the experience of using the Embryomobile is “moving”, “amazing” and also “reduces anxiety”.