“Personality Matching”: Institut Marquès improves the donors’ allocation process in Assisted Reproduction treatments with anonymous egg / sperm donation  

One of the main concerns of people who must resort to egg or sperm donation to have children is to achieve the highest degree of resemblance and affinity with the donor. For the first time, in addition to looking for the greatest physical resemblance, at Institut Marquès we are pioneer in offering the greatest similarity in terms of hereditary personality traits.

We have launched the “personality matching“, the first programme created for donor allocation according to their psychological traits. It consists of a test that ranks each person from their answers to 40 questions in four profiles. It analyses those hereditary characteristics that, in the clinical field, are known as “temperament”. Temperament is inherited and character is modulated according to the environment and education the child receives. Together, both temperament and character will build what we call personality.

All our sperm and egg donors take this test. The results are compared to those of the future mother in case of In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatments with donor egg or with those of the future father, in case of Artificial Insemination or IVF with donor sperm.

At Institut Marquès, the doctor personally selects the donor

Spanish law requires the donation of gametes be anonymous and altruistic. It is the clinic that is responsible for the allocation of donors for each treatment. At Institut Marquès we customise this process to the maximum extent and it is the doctor who makes the selection of the donor.

We have our own Premium sperm bank and our own egg bank. Our donors undergo a series of medical and psychological tests to rule out any pathology. We have all phenotypes and, from now on, we can also offer the personality matching to achieve maximum resemblance between patients and donors, in all aspects.

Taking into account the legal frame in Ireland around gamete donation, patients who want to undergo egg or sperm donation with anonymous donors can benefit from a tailor-made solution: “Just for Transfer”, having to travel to Barcelona (Spain) only for the embryo transfer.

If you wish to undergo an IVF treatment with identifiable donors, you can do it at our Irish clinic in Clane.