The “Forest of Embryos” keeps on growing

Institut Marquès and the environmental association “L’Escurçó” have renewed their agreement to reforest with 1000 trees more in Mont-roig del Camp. Each oak symbolises a new birth we have contributed to

Our “Forest of Embryos” is growing doubly. Last year we signed an agreement with the environmental association “L’Escurçó” to leave a better world for the children that are born thanks to our treatments and, some days ago, we renewed the collaboration to expand this ambitious and special project.

Thanks to this agreement, over 500 trees are growing already at the mountain of Mare de Déu de la Roca in Mont-roig del Camp (Tarragona). Each oak corresponds to a child born thanks to Institut Marquès. During the past year, over 800 families of 25 different nationalities have already asked to have a tree planted for their children. The trees are identified with a small plate with the name and the date of birth of the baby.

In order for families to go and visit the forest whenever they want, we send them a picture with the geolocalisation of their tree, a proposal that has attracted visitors from all over the world to the area. At the “Forest of Embryos” there are trees planted for children from the five continents: Spanish, Italian, French, British, Irish, Swiss, Norwegian, and also from Australia, the United States, Canada, Brasil, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapur or New Caledonia, among others.

1.000 extra trees

With the support or the local government of Mont-roig del Camp, Institut Marquès and L’Escurçó have renewed the agreement to plant 1,000 more trees in this area that suffered a major forest fire in the 90’s. We have recently paid a visit to the area and it is very moving to see the small oaks sprouting; by now, they are barely 30 cm above ground. The “Forest of Embryos” is another example of the commitment of Institut Marquès towards the preservation of the environment.

One of the areas with the worst sperm quality in Spain

The studies that we have carried out about sperm quality it Spain showed that Tarragona is one of the areas where males have worse sperm quality. Because of this, we chose this area to create our “Forest of Embryos”. According to our studies, chemical toxics (endocrine disruptors) and environmental pollution are directly related with an increased male infertility in industrialised areas such as this one.