IVF procedure in Barcelona: Just for transfer

In the coming weeks, the Irish Parliament is expected to approve several points of the law on assisted reproduction involving the donation of gametes (Children and Family’s Relationship Act 2015, Parts 2 & 3). One of the novelties will be the prohibition of using sperm or eggs from anonymous donors in Ireland.

Adapting to the legal regulations, we offer several alternatives for those patients that need a donor Artificial Insemination or an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), depending on whether they want to use anonymous or identifiable donors for their treatment.

If you prefer to resort to an anonymous egg or sperm donation, we offer you a tailor-made solution: “Just for Transfer”.

In the case of an egg donation, both the donor and the recipient’s cycles must be synchronised in order to perform the IVF with a fresh embryo (not frozen). You will only need to travel to Barcelona for the embryo transfer.

The semen sample will be collected in Ireland and then it will be sent cryopreserved to Barcelona, where the IVF will be performed. The sperm will be prepared in the laboratory in order to eliminate certain components, and to select the most adequate spermatozoids for the purpose of fertilising the donor eggs. All preliminary medical tests and the preparation can be carried out at our facilities in Ireland. This treatment is the one that offers better success rates: 91% per cycle.

In treatments with an anonymous sperm donor, whether it is IVF or artificial insemination, the same procedure is followed. The preparation and the medical tests are carried out in Ireland and it is only necessary to travel to our clinic in Barcelona for the embryo transfer.

Embryo adoption in Barcelona

Adopting an embryo is another alternative for those who want to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Thousands of children have been born already worldwide thanks to the programme that Institut Marquès pioneered. Adapting to the new legislation, once this is enforced, patients from Ireland will carry out the treatment in Barcelona, just needing to travel for the transfer. All medical preparation will be carried out at our facilities in Ireland.