Ovarian Stimulation

What is ovarian stimulation?

It consists of inducing multiple ovulation through hormonal medications.

During the spontaneous menstrual cycle, many follicles begin to develop within each ovary, but when one of them reaches a slightly larger size, the growth of others is inhibited; with the treatment it is tried that several follicles in the same cycle are developed until the complete maturity.

What is a follicle?

It is the place of the ovary where the oocyte develops, the female reproductive cell. Throughout the first phase of the woman’s menstrual cycle, the follicle develops, begins to be microscopic and grows filling with liquid with nutrients for the oocyte up to about 18 – 22 mm. At that moment a hole is opened in its wall and the oocyte comes out; This is ovulation.

How long is the ovarian stimulation phase?

Usually about 12-14 days, during these days the patient should receive an injection every day, which can be subcutaneous or intramuscular depending on the medication regimen chosen for it.

What is the most appropriate medication regimen for each patient?

The guideline is established based mainly on the age of the patient, the morphology of the ovaries, the hormonal analysis, body mass, the response to stimulation in previous cycles if there have been and our experience.

It seems very important to indicate the medication and the most appropriate doses to each woman, identifying the cases and avoiding the standard treatment guidelines since each patient has unique characteristics.

Are medications expensive?

Yes. These are female hormones obtained by recombinant engineering and similar to those that are secreted in the woman’s body throughout the cycle.

What are the risks of medications?

There are many studies carried out regarding possible diseases and risks of cancer for having received these drugs, but it has not been possible to demonstrate that they are a cause of later pathology.

If an excessive response occurs it can lead to an ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Can IVF be done without ovarian stimulation?

Yes, but the chances of an evolutive pregnancy are less than 5%. For this reason in our Center we do not do it. When development of less than three follicles occurs we prefer to discard the cycle since the chances of success are very low..

What are the stimulation controls?

In a blood test to determine the levels of estradiol, which is the hormone produced by growing follicles and a vaginal ultrasound to see how many follicles are developing in the ovaries and how large they are.
Based on these tests, the dose of the medication is adjusted and the next control is indicated 1 or 2 days later. When the follicles have reached a size equal to or greater than 18 mm. In diameter and estradiol levels are suitable the injection of HCG is indicated. This hormone induces the latest maturational changes and ovulation.

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