Male fertility awareness month

We would like to inaugurate the Male Fertility Awareness Month at Institut Marquès Clane.

Male infertility is involved in 50% of cases of infertility in couples, being the only responsible in 30% of them, whereas in cases of long-term infertility the number increases to 71% of couples, either as a sole responsible or associated with the female factor.

Despite these numbers, in most European fertility centres the male factor is not studied in depth or, what is worse, is not studied at all. In fact, there are only a few clinics having an Andrology Unit specialised in Reproductive Medicine. In most centres, the male is seen as a mere provider of sperm to carry out the fertility treatment.

At Institut Marquès, centre of international standing in assisted reproduction, they are very aware of the importance of the role of the male in the fertility treatments and that is why it is one of the few clinics with an Andrology Unit. According to the unit’s Head, Dr. Ferran García, “although it is true that, at first, undergoing an andrological study results in an increased number of tests, in the long run the couple benefits from it. Identifying the causes of infertility allows us to apply the most effective technique in each case, avoiding failures in the treatments, with the physical, emotional and economic toll that this takes”.

Therefore, during May the first consultation with a fertility specialist will be free of charge and substantial discounts will be offered on the following fertility assessments and check-ups.

  • Semen Assessment.
  • Sperm Freezing.
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis.
  • Sperm Anaeuploidy Analysis.
  • Male Fertility Hormone Profile.
  • Male Azoospermia Profile.

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