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IM Premium Pregnancy Guarantee Programme: Own IVF, Embryo / Egg Donation Cycles

At Institut Marquès we have achieved success rates that place us among the best clinics in the world. We trust in the possibilities that our patients have to achieve their dream of being a mother. For this reason, we would like to offer you an exclusive guarantee: our IM Premium pregnancy insurance. We offer you the opportunity to get reimbursed 70% of the amount of your treatment if, after three cycles, we have not been able to get you to bring your baby home (Refunding). We offer a fixed price, which will cover either three own IVF cycles (carried out at Institut Marquès Clane) or three embryo donation / donor egg IVF cycles (only when you do your embryo transfer at our clinic in Barcelona).

IM Premium makes the difference: It includes the best technology in Assisted Reproduction, embryo cryopreservation and the expenses and the medication costs of your donor. Without extra charges, we provide you with the peace of mind and security you need. All it takes is to want to make your dream of building a family come true.

Our IM Premium pregnancy insurance offers you the most extensive coverage.

Available for own IVF, embryo donation and donor egg IVF cycles for patients under 50 years old with normal medical reports.

It includes:

  • Diagnostic tests and studies used to screen the donor for acceptance into the egg donation programme.
  • Medical control of the cycle of the patient (including all necessary ultrasounds).
  • Medical control of the cycle of the donor.
  • Medication needed for the ovarian stimulation of the donor.
  • Operating theatre and anaesthesia expenses arising from the donor’s ovarian puncture.
  • ICSI.
  • All required necessary laboratory procedures up until the day of embryo transfer.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Freezing of the viable embryos that are not transferred and first year of maintenance.
  • Lab procedures involved in embryo thawing.
  • Transfers of frozen embryos derived from the three cycles included in the treatment.
  • Shipment of the sperm samples from the origin centre to Institut Marquès Barcelona.

We have the best results accredited by the relevant official health agencies and the Spanish Society of Fertility. We guarantee you a job well done, full transparency and continuous innovation, along with total safety.

Learn more about our funding scheme and our IM Premium Pregnancy Guarantee Refunding Programme

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