Acupuncture fertility

Institut Marquès collaborates with the Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy Ireland (AFPI) that provides specific advice and guidance in women’s health, pre & post fertility treatment, pregnancy and post-natal acupuncture.  We invite our patients to contact their specialists. They all have undergone post-graduate training in fertility, pregnancy, pre-birth and post-natal. Most have undergone training in paediatrics.

Meet our AFPI Team Panel

Our other acupuncture specialists partners 

At Institut Marquès we also have three highly prestigious reference specialists located very close to our clinic Clane, and one based in Ranelagh near the M50 for our Dublin patients travelling to Clane. This collaboration is very convenient for those patients who want to continue their acupuncture treatment in parallel with the visits to our centre in Clane with the option of carrying out their sessions before and after the embryo transfer.