What is our mission? Why do we exist?

  • Because we want to change the lives of people with infertility so that they can make their dreams of parenthood come true.
  • Because we want anyone who wishes so to have a baby at their side.
  • Because we want everyone to have access to the highest success rates and to the developments of Assisted Reproduction easily and effectively.
  • Because thanks to our work children are born and families are formed in more than 50 countries.
  • Because we want to give our patients the best personalized medical care in gynecology, obstetric and assisted reproduction.
  • To offer services to the medical community of the country spreading all the scientific, educational and research activities related to the specialties of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, promoting scientific and research activities and organising teaching activities.

What are our purpose?

  • By consolidating our Institute through teamwork and as a leading national and international centre of reference for gynecology, obstetric and assisted reproduction.

What is our values?


  • By strictly fulfilling the commitments we made to our patients, gamete donors and colleagues.


  • Applying it to all our actions and always respecting the current legislation.


  • Always putting first our vocation of doctors to any other factor, with care and understanding towards our patients who trust us.


  • By continuously monitoring of all our procedures and the constant introduction of new technology. Committing to improve our system of quality management.


  • Dedicating a huge part of our resources on new processes and to the constant improvement of our treatments.